Selected Clips



Kosher and halal meals, created on campus
Food Management, February 22, 2017
(Photo: UC San Diego)






Cooking from Scratch at Our Table
OLY ARTS, January 27, 2017
(Photo: Our Table)







trayParents help staff charter school after foodservice provider backs out
Food Management, November 14, 2016
(Photo: The Village School)











ricardos_web-1A New Location for Ricardo’s Restaurant
OLY ARTS, November 2, 2016
(Photo: Ricardo’s Restaurant)







dillingers_rums_webDillinger’s Expanding
OLY ARTS, October 13, 2016
(Photo: Cortney Kelley Photography)








222 Market Opening Downtown
OLY ARTS, September 28, 2016
(Photo: Piper Backholm)







img_2104-600x400Sound Enterprise
Edible Seattle, September/October 2016








img_0859Senior dining reboot
Food Management, August 26, 2016
(Photo: Palmetto Park Senior Living)









garden-cleanout-1Student-run garden pays big dividends to Northeast District
Food Management, July 20, 2016
(Photo: Framingham Public Schools)






IMG_1552Chelsea Farms
Edible Seattle, July/August 2016








TGR0616_p13A World of Flavor
The Gourmet Retailer, June/July 2016
(Photo: Kelly Mooney Photography)






TGR0416_p12A Curated Collection
The Gourmet Retailer, April/May 2016
(Photo: Marx Foods)







IMG_1403GRuB Digs In
Edible Seattle, May/June 2016








IMG_0650Inch by Inch
Edible Seattle, May/June 2016








img0769A Washington school district centers meals on locally sourced, scratch-made foods
Food Management, March 15, 2016
(Photo: Wenatchee School District)






IMG_0978_2In Land We Trust
Edible Seattle, March/April 2016








IMG_0714_2Eat Well, Be Well
Edible Seattle, January/February 2016







IMG_1371_resizedHospital builds legacy of local purchasing
Food Management, January 15, 2016







IMG_1286 10-07-21Maker Profile | Flying Cow Creamery
Team Yogurt, December 9, 2015








AIMG_0005 Taste of the Chehalis River Valley
Edible Seattle, September/October 2015









Thirty years of organic innovation
The Costco Connection (UK), July/August 2015







IMG_9360Sweet-Tart Success
Edible Seattle, July/August 2015








IMG_9007Capitol Market
Edible Seattle, May/June 2015








IMG_8773Midori Farm
Edible Seattle, May/June 2015








22Helsing Junction Farm
Edible Seattle, March/April 2015








IMG_0211School of Life
South Sound Magazine, February/March 2015
(Photo: Brian Kasnyik: Oly Kaz)







IMG_8320Native Harvest
Edible Seattle, January/February 2015








IMG_6399Black Sheep Creamery
Edible Seattle, January/February 2015








IMG_8272Sneaky’s Makes Snacking Nutritious
ThurstonTalk, November 3, 2014







18Starvation Alley Farms
Edible Seattle, November/December 2014








IMG_3832Bring on the Kiwi Berries
Edible Seattle, September/October 2014








06Provisions Mushroom Farm
Edible Seattle, September/October 2014








19Spotlight on Spud’s: Smoked Salmon from Briney Seas Delicaseas
ThurstonTalk, July 20, 2014







IMG_6379Gather, Eat, Drink: Little General Food Shop
ThurstonTalk, June 28, 2014








IMG_4503Strut Your Sauce
Edible Seattle, May/June 2014








IMG_2459Spotlight on Spud’s: Grass-Fed Beef from Colvin Ranch
ThurstonTalk, April 29, 2014








TeenCouncil_studentsYelmHS_PlannedParenthood_4-14-300x168Teen Council Helps Peers Communicate and Stay Safe
ThurstonTalk, April 29, 2014
(Photo: Planned Parenthood)






08One Woman’s Farm Story: Armstrong-Zita Ranch
ThurstonTalk, April 22, 2014








IMG_5116Know Your Cheese: Domina Dairy and Creamery
ThurstonTalk, February 25, 2014








IMG_0215Spotlight on Spud’s: Capay Valley Olive Oil
ThurstonTalk, January 23, 2014








food-38Blissful Wunders Makes the Ultimate Chocolate Truffle
ThurstonTalk, December 14, 2013








20Variety is the Spice of Business at Buck’s Fifth Avenue
ThurstonTalk, November 27, 2013








IMG_3895Phoebe’s Pastry Cafe: Creative, Fast and ‘Oh So Delicious’
ThurstonTalk, October 30, 2013








TamaleFusion_DevonandMelanie_Crain_10-13-300x224Tamale Fusion Opens Downtown Olympia Food Cart
ThurstonTalk, October 10, 2013








IMG_3284Functional Art: Fine Kaleidoscopes by Durette Studios
ThurstonTalk, October 6, 2013







IMG_2286Sauce on Sundays
The Co-op News, August/September 2013








IMG_1491Entrepreneurs to Watch: Olympia’s Mel O’Soup Makes “Soup For You!”
ThurstonTalkJune 19, 2013







food-30Olympia’s Whitewood Cider Company Launches First Blends
ThurstonTalk, May 17, 2013








IMG_0602Olympia Beekeeper Kellie Shincke Talks Bee Basics for Thurston County Residents
ThurstonTalkMarch 17, 2013







rehearsal-GB-Griffiths-300x213Anna’s Bay Chorale
ThurstonTalkJanuary 21, 2013
(Photo: Linda Woytowich)








food-26Shiitakes from Alpine Mushroom Company:
Year-Round and Local

The Co-op News, December 2012/January 2013






IMG_8825Culinary Superstar Guy Fieri Shakes Up The Kitchen At Madigan Army Medical Center
ThurstonTalkNovember 6, 2012







IMG_8164_2Asian Food Markets Snatch Up Produce From Rochester’s HJ Farms
ThurstonTalkOctober 19, 2012







IMG_0305Quinoa: The Mother Grain
The Co-op News, February/March 2012







Restorative Practices
Cooperative Grocer Magazine, November/December 2011




food-19An Octopus’s Garden: Sea Vegetables
The Co-op News, February/March 2011








IMG_0386Parsnips: Autumn’s Sweet Starch
The Co-op News, October/November 2010








Hit the Gym, Baby!
ParentMap, September 22, 2010





Bake up Some Whole Grains; Kids Need Them, Too!
Seattle’s Child, July 1, 2009