Like a beam in a bridge, the message that frames your business communications is everything. Work with me to draft a

core message that supports all your written words.

Copy Projects

Tell the right stories and

reach new clients with professional words for your website, ebook, white paper, brochure, or other

word-heavy project.

Ongoing Content

Credibility starts with consistency.

Launch or revive your newsletter or blog and keep it bright-eyed, relevant, honest, and top-of-mind for your

best customers.

Jennifer Crain

Your client base can be more than a list. It can be a community.


The right words on your website and in your company communications can turn single sales into ongoing relationships and onlookers into loyal fans.


How? By using words that resonate with your ideal client.


I’d love to help you grow your business. Let’s talk about crafting language that connects.

“You are so good at what you do. That story is the best one I have read about this project. It is big and new and strange and complicated and you nailed it!”

Genine Bradwin, Kirsop Farm co-founder

“I’ve been a farmer for 30 years and I’ve given lots of interviews. This is the first time anyone has quoted what I actually said. You also went above and beyond in your research. Whenever anyone comes over, we show them the story so they can read it.”

Jim Johnson, Johnson Berry Farm co-founder

"Your imaginative wordplay helped communicate the excitement of my comedy juggling show. I consider myself a good writer but your skills took my copy to the next level."

Alex Zerbe, prop comedian and magician